Why You Should Invest in Gemstone Jewelery Over Costume Jewelery

Gemstone jewelery are precious and they often signify the wearer's birth month. However, not all of them are authentic. True gemstones come with a price because they are not easy to find. You can't just go out and randomly poke rocks in hope to find these prized jewels. They are formed deep within the earth. So if you plan on gem hunting, you need to go to areas where these rocks have been pushed to the surface by natural earth processes such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and wind erosion. It takes an expert to do so.

For that reason, some companies come up with an alternative to satisfy people cravings for these precious accessories at a more affordable price, giving rise to costume jewelery. Costume jewelery, or "fashion jewelery" refers to any accessory that contains fake stones. Fashion jewelers use cheaper crystals, glass, or even plastic to imitate the look of true gemstones.

However, because fine gemstone jewellery are naturally formed, they possess this visual, chemical, and physical properties that fake jewellery cannot mimic no matter how good the jewel maker is. The following are the reasons why you should choose them over costume jewelery.

Genuine gemstones are very durable, thus they can last for many decades or even centuries. They can be passed down from one generation to another, making them worth the investment. In case you got tired of it, you can also sell it at really good price, thus maintaining its value. In fact, some of the most popular jewelery being sold in the auctions today date back as early as the Renaissance era. One example is the engagement ring Napoleon Bonaparte gave to her wife, Josephine de Beauharnais back in the 1700s. The ring, which is a combination of pear-cut diamond and sapphire set in a slim gold band, sold for nearly $ 1 million US dollars at an auction near Paris this March 2013.

Some professional jewelers can tell a real gemstone by just looking at it. Using a loupe or putting it under a microscope reveal the intricate details inside the gem. There is absence of bubbles, which tend to be present on their synthetic counterparts. The color is always even throughout because of the absence of dyes. When the real gem is held up to a light, it produces a rainbow of colors by tilting. Their brilliance, shine, luster and play of light are what makes them more appealing.

Further, fine jewelery are hard and heavy. They don't easily break. Diamond has been subjected to extreme tests for hardness and is confirmed to be the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man. Some claim it can cut through anything including metals and itself.

Costume jewelery may look flawless and very sparkly at first, but their beauty does not last for years and eventually fade. While you can opt for such fancy accessories at a cheaper price, nothing beats gemstone jewelery when it comes to durability, quality, elegance and true value. This is the main reason why many collectors stick to fine jewelery despite their expensiveness, because in the long run they prove that they are really much worth the price.

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