Why Lava Jewellery is Hot Fashion

From brightly colored gemstones to the supreme elegance of the diamond, Mother Earth has indeed gifted us with many treasures. And since time immemorial, women have always enjoyed adorning themselves with these precious pieces of earth. But there’s one stone that stands tall, simply because it’s a part of the earth’s womb, itself. And that is the lava stone. And it has indeed captured the hearts of women from across the globe.

Earthy and elegant, lava stone is made from basalt, a type of igneous rock formed during volcanic eruptions. They have many holes and bubbles, which give them their unique texture, but they are very light weight. Plain basalt is abrasive, so they are treated to make these stones smooth to the touch. Then, they are crafted into exquisite lava earrings, lava necklaces, lava bracelets, lava rings and what not!

Traditionally, lava stones are said to have healing properties and they keep people warm in cold climates. Since they are stones that have made their journey, straight from the earth’s core, they are associated with spirituality and universality. Plus, since most lava artisans are from small Asian villages, purchasing lava jewellery supports these communities, economically.

Globally, there is a lot of demand for lava jewellery. Lava fashion jewellery are stunning, exotic, light weight and inexpensive. It’s black. It’s brown. And it’s rather mesmerizing. It looks hot with the little black dress. And it looks funky with tube top and shorts. It’s the perfect accessory for a stressful day at the office. It’s spiritual. It’s cool.

It’s adaptability is its allure. That’s why, women can’t stop falling in love with fine lava jewellery.

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