The Jewellery Chain Breaks Free

A jewellery chain has always been seen as a pendant carrier. Most people buy several jewellery pendants and then also buy an odd chain or two so that these pendants can be worn with ease. However, the charm of the chains lies in wearing them independently. In fact lately the chain has become so popular that most people are substituting a jewellery necklace with fancy chains.

The market is not only flooded with various types of jewellery chains but their range in terms of cost and designs is also very large. The sales of these ornaments are enough to indicate clearly towards their utility to the people. Some factor that have lead to the jewellery chain attaining its independent status are discussed below –

• Ease – A chain is much less cumbersome to wear as opposed to a jewellery necklace. One can wear a chain everyday and not need to bother about taking it off, while this ease is definitely missing when it comes to a necklace. In fact one sees that a lot of people will wear a chain on a daily basis, but will reserve a necklace for a more pompous occasion.

• Durability – Be it a gold chain or a silver one, they are usually very durable since the ornament is crafted in links, which provides it with extra strength. You will notice that a chain even if very thin is able to carry the weight of a heavy pendant also because of its link design.

• Variety – When it comes to chains, one has a large variety to choose from. Right from varying degrees of thickness to different materials, one can find chains in it all. There are chains that are designed specially for jewellery pendants, while there are some that are too ornate to be worn with a pendant. When it comes to lengths also, one will find that right from chains that go round the neck to those that are go right up to the belly button, everything is available.

• Designs – The variety in terms of designs is extensive when it comes to chains. There are some chains that look like linked chains, while others may be flat and one is unable to decipher the links. Some chains come with a few beads in them while others may have a self design. This large variety in terms of design is a clear indication that the demand of chains is very high.

With the popularity of the jewellery chain, ornament designers have decided to step up their production. Today these chains are available in various designs and depending on the pocket and the preference of a person, a purchase can be made with ease. These chains are found in everything right from inexpensive metals as well as expensive ones like platinum etc, but it is true that it is the designs of these ornaments that have worked as the major contributor towards their popularity. So the next time you go out to buy a chain, look at the various designs and view them as an independent ornament.

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