Ten Steps to Become a Natural Beauty

Stores and catalogs are full of cosmetic products that promise a natural look. Instead of spending money on makeup and hair color that are designed to appear as if they aren’t being used, try just not using them and be a real natural beauty. Read on to learn how to become a natural beauty.

Step 1:Skip the hair color. The natural color of your hair may not be an exciting red or blonde, but it was chosen by your genes the same way your skin tone and eye color were. It’s probably the best color for you. Instead of spending money coloring your hair, buy a good shampoo and conditioner that will gently cleanse your hair and keep it healthy.

Step 2:Get a flattering but easy to maintain hairstyle. If you have to spend a lot of time blow-drying, curling, straightening and applying mousse to your hair, it’s a sure bet that you won’t look good first thing in the morning or late at night. It would be much easier to roll out of bed, run a brush through your hair and go. Keep it trimmed and it will always look great.

Step 3:Wear moisturizer and sunscreen. You don’t need an expensive product that will remove the natural oils from your face and another one to add moisture. Instead, gently exfoliate your face and body every day, then apply any inexpensive moisturizer. Add sunscreen to skin that isn’t covered by clothing before leaving the house.

Step 4:Throw out your makeup. At first, you’ll think you look washed out and splotchy, but soon you’ll see that healthy skin provides its own color for your cheeks, lips and eyelids.

Step 5:Apply lip balm to protect your lips from drying out while letting the natural color show through. Most lip balms add a little shine as well.

Step 6:Let your nails go naked. Trim them to a reasonable length and keep them moisturized and clean. A little filing and buffing will give you a natural French manicure without base, polish, top coat and quick-dry. Wear gloves for gardening and housework to keep from damaging your nails.

Step 7:Use tweezers sparingly. Instead of forcing your eyebrows into an unnatural shape, just pluck the stray hairs under and between the brows. A few strokes with an eyebrow brush or your finger is all you’ll need.

Step 8:Find a subtle, natural scent. Lavender and vanilla are good choices for scents that seem to be a part of you rather than something you applied. You may even be able to simply use a scented fabric softener. Wear the same scent always, and people will be reminded of you whenever they detect it–even if you’re not there.

Step 9:Look after your feet. Scrub your heels to get rid of the hard, dry skin and keep your toenails trimmed.

Step 10:Wear the same jewelry every day. Plain studs in your ears, a ring that has sentimental value or a locket is all you need to complete your look. By choosing a couple of items that mean something to you, you can avoid searching for the right accessories to every outfit.

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