Lola Rose Jewellery – The History

Only ten years ago a secretary from London created a jewellery brand that is now a bestseller both in the U.K. and the U.S. This brand is the Lola Rose jewellery collection and it’s a genuine rags to riches story.

In 2000, a lady by the name of Nicola Gewirtz was working as a secretary in London, England. On her birthday she was given an expensive piece of designer jewellery which, although greatly appreciated, prompted Nicola to start thinking how often women pay more for their accessories than the actual outfits that go with them. Nicola thought she had identified a niche in the market where women could buy a piece of jewellery that was glamorous and considered a luxury but without the guilt pangs associated with spending hundreds of pounds on them.

Naming the collection after her grandmother, Nicola started designing, making and selling jewellery to her friends and family. Her designs were very popular and she found all of her spare time was taken up with fulfilling order for her designs.

At this point Nicola started thinking tentatively about selling her designs on a larger scale and this inevitably meant approaching large department stores. Without any business background Nicola had to put forward a convincing sales pitch including details on the packaging, the supply, maintenance of quality control and price points. By her own admission Nicola knew next to nothing about such matters but quickly cobbled together a rough business plan and she was able to secure meetings with a number of well known department stores.

To Nicola’s delight she was able to secure orders for her collection to appear in stores up and down the country and she hasn’t really looked back since.

Today, despite being the owner of a multi-million pound jewellery empire, Nicola Gewirtz is still very down to earth and admits she still sets time aside each day to create and design new pieces for her collection and this is a process that she enjoys the most. However, she’s also been surprised by the amount of pleasure she gets from marketing and promoting her jewellery and can often be seen on TV shopping channels showcasing her collection.

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