Fashion Jewellery – Bright and Bold

Fashion jewellery is jewellery that allows designers to create pieces that express their imagination with materials that create an appealing look but have little or no financial value. Fashion jewellery, also, reaches a market that would, otherwise, be priced out of the jewellery buying market by creating imitations of precious and semi-precious stones set in inexpensive metals imitating gold, silver and platinum.

Designers, working with inexpensive materials, can allow their imaginations greater freedom. If pretty polished stones better fit the jeweller’s vision, he is free to use them. There are less restrictions in the amount of material used, because their low cost makes the finished product affordable to a larger clientele. Because the prices of materials used can be so low, the jeweller can use as much of it as works for the project creating large, colorful pieces. This freedom in designing gives jewellers the opportunity to use materials to create mosaic-style pendants, pins, and large earrings, as well as, other imaginative, colorful designs. A large, bold piece of fashion jewellery can be the perfect choice for setting off a simple, neutral-colored outfit or a dress in only one color. Large imitations of precious and semi-precious stones can become parts of clothing, for instance, trims on collars and cuffs, belt buckles, and shoes; places only the most wealthy might be comfortable putting valuable stones and metals.

Fashion and designer jewellery is costume jewellery, and is often purchased as an affordable imitation of the real thing. The prices vary substantially depending on the quality of the work and how similar it is the real gemstones and precious metals, but it is always much less expensive than the real thing. Fashion jewellery is a fun, inexpensive way to enhance any look.

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