Chinese Silver Jewellery Trend Reveal Intriguing Puzzles

Chinese jewelry is an exquisite piece of adornment. Recently, these exquisite pieces are also puzzles. Each piece is a puzzle and this has made the jewelry market rich. The spiritual realms are shown through different colors ranging from sage greens to off-whites. The feathers of kingfisher are inlaid on a metal hairpin or catfish pair is twisting on each other forming a yin-yang. Comprehending the Chinese jewelry iconography explains the reason for the pieces to be really high prized.

Riddle solving is a satisfaction derived. Here the kingfisher refers to longevity and the catfish refers a happy married life. The Chinese jewelry symbols now show the traditions that have been guiding the Chinese for thousands of years and the beauty is that they continue to do so even today.

The Chinese silver jewelry featuring Chinese motifs and symbols are highly popular owing to their uniqueness and craftsmanship. The decorative art reveal a down-to-earth simplicity and also reveal the life’s focus in a simple manner. On observing the pieces, you will notice it appears as a puzzle piece. These make lovely wedding present or even a birthday or anniversary gifts.

The Chinese language also is very special on its own. This is because it has words sharing tones and sounds. For instance ‘ewe’ refers to a female sheep and sounds as ‘you’. Thus their decorative art dictate based on the Chinese speech and words. These form excellent Chinese puzzle in jewelry. There are visual puns that make the Chinese jewelry explicit such that a heart, an eyeball and sheep is drawn such tactfully that it can be interpreted as ‘I love you’. In this way the Chinese jewelry represent puzzles that it is intriguing and also presents artistry to high degree.

Chinese were considered very good with education and were regarded to be math whizzes by Americans. Actually, they were exceptionally good with literary skills and gave more importance to penmanship. The Chinese silver jewelry even today ahs decorative talismans that resemble locks denoting that the one who wore it would not die as they are earth-locked. The rich families gave locks in gold or jade, but even the poor would buy a silver lock as it was inexpensive.

Chinese related each fruit to its best characteristics. For instance, pomegranates denote fertility, while peaches longevity. Likewise, the Chinese silver jewelry includes animal motifs such as lions, birds and frogs. The bats are also regarded as blessings and the bats as upside down are regarded as blessings arrived.

Recently, the Chinese silver jewelry has made a great place in the Western countries and the United States. The jewelry pieces are modest puzzle rings featuring interlocking loops nestled into thicker band. In fact, the Chinese silver jewelry has romanticized the world and this is the reason that people find it interesting. The pieces are in good quality and are of attraction, besides you need not be nouveau riche to get these jewelry pieces. Decorative hairpins to silver rings bearing animal motifs, everything represents meaningful symbol.

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