Bulgari Engagement Rings – Worth Raiding Your Bank Account For!

I may have to cheat on my husband with a new love by the name of Bulgari. Bulgari engagement rings are simply awesome. The adjectives modern, sleek and sophisticated come to mind when describing their extensive jewelry collection. Their engagement rings are classy but often with a bold twist. Amongst other things, Bulgari prides themselves on daring combinations, precious materials, and the utmost attention to detail.

Bulgari is not new to the jewelry industry. These pros have been designing jewelry for over a century and are considered trendsetters for Italian fashion. I drooled as I looked over Bulgari’s bridal collection depicted on their website, which are intended to meet the high expectations of a variety of choosy women. The Marryme collection was created for the contemporary women with intriguing character and features a modern take on the traditional engagement ring. The Corona collection designs, set in gold and platinum, are for the romantic woman, and are inspired from the melding of two enchanting symbols, the flower and the crown. The Griffe collection is for the refined woman who desires an elegant yet understated look and presents the diamond in the most flattering light. Bulgari’s wedding bands are none too shabby, featuring traditional rings along with octagonal and curved bands. Check out their non-bridal collections as well for some rings that are simply amazing. The only chink in my new love’s armor is my wondering how you find an engagement ring that fits well with an octagonal or curved wedding band?

Bulgari jewelry can be found in 228 stores located in luxury shopping areas in destinations such as Rome, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Dubai. As with other high end designers, they pledge their undying commitment to customer satisfaction. Yet, Bulgari is a company with a conscience and takes great care to help prevent conflict diamonds from entering the industry.

So exactly how much will you have to withdraw from your bank account? Having a love affair with Bulgari is costly. Engagement rings are priced from $6,000 to well into the $200,000 range. Wedding bands go from $300 to $15,000.

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