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Avoid Risk Using Harmful Personal Care & Cosmetics

Did you know that the Ingredients we use on our bodies daily, are Harmful? Or is it OK to say “What we don’t know – won’t hurt us!” Most of us have been told that everything in moderation is alright. But… What if I told you, that is False?

Unfortunately, today we live in a chemical jungle. And for many of us the ingredient names are another language. Along with the limited information of how these ingredients work and even how they interact with one & another. Or more to the point – when we use one bottle of ingredients & on top of that, another bottle. How are those ingredients interacting with one & another & in our bodies?

We never really ask the hard hitting questions. What are these Ingredients doing? Firstly it is very important to be aware that our skin is like a sponge. It absorbs & breathes. Once we used to think it was a barrier. But today we know that whatever we put onto our skin will be definitely absorbed.

Eg. Nicotine Patches and Hormone Patches – The problem is that even from babies right through to adulthood we are being exposed to harmful & toxic ingredients and we are applying them not in moderation. Babies can have a minimum of 3 lotions daily. Men have a minimum of 6. And women use minimum of 13 products daily.

The question I ask is ” Is this moderation?” Unfortunately no-one is teaching us what to avoid? What is Unsafe? What is Harmful? What are Toxins? And is there any risk?

Did you know that Senator Edward Kennedy stood up in the US Congress back on September 5th 1997 stating that…”Cosmetics & Personal Care Products is an Industry that is Under Regulated & its Products are too often Hazardous” 884 Ingredients used in this Industry have been reported to the Government as Toxic!

And today Nearly 11 years later…”What has been done?” NOTHING!

Yes this is a disturbing Fact. I do recommend you do your research, as I did. That way you will feel empowered. View an amazing Professor Dr Samuel Epstein (MD) – 1998 Alternative Noble Prize Winner & Founder of the Cancer Prevention Coalition

Is Knowledge Power? Not until we apply the knowledge.

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